Natural processed beans from the Mogiana region in Brazil. Smooth and crisp fruitiness with hint of rainforest nuts.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00


We source our Brazil coffee beans from the Mogiana region, named after the Companhia Mogiana Estrada de Ferro train line. Founded in 1882, the line transported coffee from the many coffee farms in the area. The rolling, fertile fields run along the São Paulo side of the São Paulo/Minas border, most importantly home to some of Brazil’s oldest coffee farms. Find out about coffee growing regions in Brazil

Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890. Furthermore, the fazenda has original Bourbon varietal trees over 107 years old. The fazenda extends over 417 hectares, with coffee production comprising 165 hectares. Workers on the fazenda perform tasks by hand due to the steep topography, making the use of machines impossible.

The handpicked 100% Canario Bourbon Brazil coffee beans compose the harvest. The farmers deliver the beans immediately to the fazenda’s extensive patios to be slowly and evenly dried. The fazenda prepares the beans using the Natural Process, an ancient method of the drying process. This process ensures the fruit and nutrients from the skin and the sugars go into the seed. Coffee raked and turned regularly ensures the best possible green bean without over-fermentation.

Most noteworthy, the fazenda takes social and environmental sustainability very seriously. A small hydroelectric plant powers the fazenda and they only buy extra energy during the peak harvest. Fully treated waste water avoids polluting the stream that runs across the fazenda. An active tree planting program helps repopulate the native species. Housing most workers on site, the fazenda offers a school, social club and full-size soccer field for employees and their families.

Order a bag of this delicious coffee with notes of maple syrup, almonds, graham cracker, and spices. Sure to brighten up your day! We donate part of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the San Marcos River Foundation. Learn more about the organizations we donate to on our Giving page.

Varietal100% Canario
FarmFazenda Cachoeira da Grama
MunicipalitySão Sebastião da Grama (São Paolo)
Altitude3600ft - 4900ft