Natural processed coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia. Balanced with sweetness and full mouthfeel, with notes of chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $13.00


The cultural region of Guji was once included in the Sidamo region of southern Ethiopia, but was recognized in 2015 as a separate political zone. One of the merits of the Guji region is the high-quality coffees grown in the area. The coffee is grown under the shade of indigenous trees, with only the ripe red cherries are harvested and processed. The dry climate is perfect for the sundried natural process of curing the beans by laying them out to dry on raised beds with the skin and fruity mucilage layer intact. This process produces a coffee with unique flavor characteristics of strawberries and deep dark chocolate!

ProcessingSundried natural
RegionGuji Kercha Woreda
Altitude5740ft - 6400ft