Charitable Giving

We believe in helping others and supporting local organizations whose mission is to create a better environment for people & animals to live and thrive. A percentage of our proceeds have been donated to the following 501c3 organizations:

The San Marcos River Foundation is currently proceeding with major land conservation projects in the aquifer recharge zones around the headwaters to ensure the river flows clear in the future. The River Foundation has encouraged and sought out collaborative partnerships and assists in the formation of other community groups to expand protection of the watershed and endangered species.

SMRF continues to support efforts to educate the public on critical river issues and has become an influential force in public policy, inspiring citizen action and sustainable water management, through conservation, good stewardship and education.

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Established in 1986, The Greater San Marcos Youth Council strives to strengthen families through youth and family support services available to Hays County residents. The children live in a residential setting providing a structured and nurturing environment where they develop trusting relationships with adults and learn about love and respect. Furthermore, youth and family services are free of charge for any resident of Hays County.

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Donation to the Greater San Marcos Youth Council

The Amos Rehabilitation Keep in Port Aransas, Texas rescues and rehabilitates injured and ill animals, returning them to the wild if possible. They educate the public through outreach programs, local projects, and publishing articles about how to make the beaches and water safe for the animals that rely on it for their existence. The ARK also conducts and assists with research with federal agencies to aid the sea turtles, marine mammals and birds.

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