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Click on each country name for more information about the beans we offer. Knowing where your beans come from gives you a deeper connection to your coffee. Look into your cup! New origins and types of beans arrive periodically, so check back often to see what's new!

Coffee ordered is whole bean. You can specify that you would like the coffee ground in the option field on the Cart page once proceeding to check out. You can also choose for free local delivery in the shipping options on the Cart page.


  • Brazil country with flag


    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Natural processed beans from the Mogiana region in Brazil. Smooth and crisp fruitiness with hint of rainforest nuts.

    Variety100% Canario
    FarmFazenda Cachoeira da Grama
    MunicipalitySão Sebastião da Grama (São Paolo)
    Altitude3600ft - 4900ft
  • Colombia

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    WOMEN PRODUCERS  Beans from the Cauca region of Colombia. Cherry, cocoa and vanilla notes; sweet and tart with a smooth mouthfeel.

    VarietyCastillo, Caturra, Colombia
    FarmVarious smallholder members of ASMUCAFE
    MunicipalityEl Tambo
    Altitude1850m - 1900m
  • Costa Rica

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Washed beans from the Tarrazú region in Costa Rica.

    Smooth mouthfeel with bright clear flavors of spicy earth tones and nuts.

    VarietyCaturra & Catuai
    FarmVarious small holder farmers
    MunicipalitySan Jose
    Altitude3900ft - 5750ft
  • Costa Rica Honey Process

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $18.00

    Honey processed coffee with mild acidity, medium body, and hints of pecan, maple syrup, and apples.

    VarietyCaturra & Catuai
  • Decaf

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Sweet and bright with a smooth mouthfeel, bursting with flavors of chocolate and berries.

    ProcessingEthyl Acetate decaffeinated
  • El Salvador

    Medium Roast — $16.00
    Dark Roast — $16.00

    Exquisite El Salvador coffee grown in the Santa Ana region by various smallholder producers. A delicious smooth cup with hints of chocolate, almond, and granola.

    VarietyBourbon, Pacas
    FarmVarious smallholders
    RegionSanta Ana
    Altitude1200m - 1600m
  • Guatemala

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    WOMEN PRODUCERS  Fair Trade, organic beans from members of the Asociación de Productores de Café Diferenciados y Especiales de Guatemala (ASPROCDEGUA) in the Huehuetenango region.

    Notes of chocolate, caramel, almond, and cinnamon with a smooth mouth feel. Perfect for cold-brew coffee!

    VarietyBourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache
    FarmWomen producers from ASPROCDEGUA
    Altitude1600m - 2200m
  • hill country view

    Hill Country Cup

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Roaster’s Signature blend with notes of sweet berries, chocolate, and baking spices with a zippy mouthfeel and a smooth finish.

    VarietyCaturra, Catuai, & Heirloom
    ProcessingWashed and Natural
    RegionTarrazú, Costa Rica and Guji, Ethiopia
    Altitude1200m - 1750m
  • Mexico

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    WOMEN PRODUCERS  Fair Trade, organic beans from members of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in the Chiapas Highlands.

    Sweet and smooth with chocolate, citrus fruits and a nutty aftertaste.

    VarietyBourbon, Caturra, Typica
    FarmTriunfo Verde Cooperative: Women Producers
    RegionJaltenango, Chiapas
    Altitude2960ft - 5900ft
  • Nicaragua

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    WOMAN PRODUCER Single-origin Nicaragua coffee from the Jinotega region. Hints of chocolate and citrus with mild acidity and brightness.

    VarietyCatuai, Caturra
    FarmLa Virgen Estate
  • Papua New Guinea

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Fair Trade organic beans – Sweet with lively acidity and hints of toffee, tropical fruit, and cashews.

    VarietyArusha, Bourbon, Typica
    FarmKeto Tapasi Progress Association
    RegionChimbu Province, Eastern Highlands
    MunicipalityChuave District
    Altitude5250ft - 5900ft
  • Peru

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
    Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Fair-trade organic beans from APROAGRO LIMCOF in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Hints of toffee, cocoa and juicy fruits; sweet and tart with a smooth mouth feel.

    VarietyBourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Typica
    Farmsmallholder farmer members
    Altitude1600m - 1800m
  • Rwanda

    Medium Roast — $18.00

    Smooth cup with notes of creamy butter, cocoa, and citrus

    ProcessingWashed, sun-dried on raised beds
    FarmVarious small holder farmers
    RegionLake Kivu
    Altitude1100m - 1200m
  • Tanzania

    Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00

    Tanzanian Peaberry coffees are shade grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa. Sweet, complex cup with hints of nutmeg, spiced wood, and citrus.

    FarmVarious small holder farmers
    Altitude3900ft - 5750ft
  • Texas Water Safari Blend

    Medium Roast — $16.00

    An energetic and spirited blend of Honduras and Colombia coffee that will keep you motivated and alert through any arduous task. A nutty chocolaty blend like a Snickers bar that will help you attain new heights!

    VarietyArabica blend
    FarmHonduras and Colombia blend

Fun Stuff

  • Coat it with Coffee

    Coat it with Coffee

    Original — $4.00
    Creole — $4.00
    Curry — $4.00

    A coffee rub like no other! Created by our Master Roaster who also happens to be a creative cook.

  • coffee soap

    Coffee Soap

    Lavender Latte — $5.00
    Vanilla Latte — $5.00

    Upcycling our used coffee grounds into Coffee Soap!

  • Men’s Style T-shirt

    Extra Large, Black Logo — $20.00
    Extra Large, Blue Flowers — $20.00

    Men’s T-shirt for a limited time, only available in XL. Choose from a black shirt with our logo or a blue shirt with our name and coffee flowers. Not many left, so order now!

  • Womens T-Shirt

    Medium — $20.00
    Large — $20.00

    We have a very limited quantity of women style t-shirts available. Help support your favorite coffee roasters by sporting our beautiful shirt. Guess these will be collector’s items!