Papua New Guinea

Fair Trade organic beans – Sweet with lively acidity and hints of toffee, tropical fruit, and cashews.

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Indonesian Fair Trade organic coffee beans from Papua New Guinea. Founded in 2008, Keto Tapasi is an association of 375 coffee producers located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Eighteen villages and eight clan groups make up the organization. Keto Tapasi overcame many cultural and territorial obstacles to set up their organization: they conquered language barriers between tribes, and agreed upon common production and quality standards to grow their coffee. From the premiums received from being certified Fair Trade and organic, the members reinvest in their farms and mills. Increased warehouse space and transportation, along with more efficient depulping machines comprise some of the investments. Other improvements include paying for healthcare and education for the members of the community.

The Keto Tapasi grow coffee trees around homesteads and resemble gardens rather than farm plots. Sustenance farming comprises from hundreds of coffee trees spread throughout the community with no formal land division between neighbors. After picking the ripened cherries, the farmers process the coffee. They depulp, dry ferment, wash and then dry the coffee in parchment for three to four days. Producers then deliver the coffee to the dry mill in Goroka to finish the drying, sorting and final export preparation. Find out about coffee growing regions in Papua New Guinea

Order now for a bag of this Indonesian fair trade organic unique coffee with notes of tropical fruit, nuts, and toffee. Sure to brighten up your day! We donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the San Marcos River Foundation. To learn more about the organizations we donate to, please visit our Giving page.


VarietalArusha, Bourbon, Typica
FarmKeto Tapasi Progress Association
RegionChimbu Province, Eastern Highlands
MunicipalityChuave District
Altitude5250ft - 5900ft