Sweet and bright with a smooth mouthfeel, bursting with flavors of chocolate and berries.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00


Our Decaf coffee beans showcase carefully chosen microlots of beans grown in Huila, Colombia. The green coffee beans are decaffeinated using a natural ethyl acetate washed process. Derived from sugar cane, the ethyl acetate targets the caffeine molecule in the coffee bean and removes about 97% of the caffeine. The process leaves the other 1,000 flavor compounds and antioxidants intact in the coffee. The result is a flavorful cup of coffee that highlights the chocolate and fruitiness inherent in the bean. To learn more about the EA decaf process, click here.

Order a bag of our delicious decaf coffee beans today. Part of the proceeds for the sale of this coffee we donate to the San Marcos River Foundation. To find out more about the organizations we donate to, please visit our Giving page.


ProcessingEthyl Acetate decaffeinated