WOMAN PRODUCER Single-origin Nicaragua coffee from the Jinotega region. Hints of chocolate and citrus with mild acidity and brightness.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $16.00
Dark Roast, 12 oz — $16.00


Our Nicaragua women producer coffee grows in the Central northern mountains of the Jinotega region. Claudia Vanessa Rivera founded La Virgen with her husband in 2012, with a vision of bettering the environment and local community. Situated in the Las Nubes community of Jinotega in Northern Nicaragua, her 40-hectare farm grows top-tier coffee with sustainable practices that produce financial gains for not just their own estate, but for the employees and neighboring area as well. They manage every aspect of production with their own wet and dry mill for microlots, and have extremely exacting standards for quality, inspecting and performing quality control at every point. This has helped them grow from producing only 53 bags their first year to now producing 575 bags per year.

Coffee arrived in Nicaragua in the late 1700’s, finding perfect growing conditions in the cloud-covered volcanic mountains. By 1870, coffee was the main agricultural product of Nicaragua which lasted into the mid 20th century until the civil revolution forced many coffee farmers to abandon their farms. Trade sanctions, natural disasters, and loss of farms has further impacted the availability of getting coffee from Nicaragua. Despite these setbacks, coffee is making a comeback thanks to specialty coffee. Most farms in Nicaragua are microlot and small-scale operations, with 95% of the coffee shade grown. Coffee is mostly organic by default due to the high costs of chemicals and organic certification which farmers cannot afford. Click here to learn more about coffee history in Nicaragua.

Order today to get a bag or two of this delicious Nicaragua women producer coffee in either medium roast or dark roast. We donate part of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the Greater San Marcos Youth Council. To learn more about the organizations we donate to, please visit our Giving page.

VarietalCatuai, Caturra
FarmLa Virgen Estate