Fair-trade, organic beans from the Tolima region of Colombia. Caramel, chocolate and cherry flavors; sweet and tart with a smooth mouthfeel.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $13.00
Dark Roast, 12 oz — $13.00


We source our Colombia coffee beans from the Planadas municipality within the Tolima region located in the center of Colombia. Surrounded by the Andes, Tolima is the third largest coffee growing region in Colombia. Furthermore, Planadas produces a high volume of coffee of excellent quality. The most Cup of Excellence finalists of any region in Colombia derive from Tolima. Learn more about coffee growing regions in Colombia

Café del Macizo, an association of 120 smallholder coffee-producing families, produces exquisite coffee. Founded in 2003, Café del Macizo is the oldest co-op within Planadas. Their mission to achieve the social and economic welfare of its members focuses on teamwork. The members work within a framework based on joint responsibility, solidarity, equality, and common benefit.  They achieve this through the production of high quality coffee grown in harmony with the environment. As a result, members help each other with planting, harvesting, and improvements as a group.

The co-op strives to achieve sustainability and competitiveness of high quality coffee in the national and global market, with a healthy planet as a legacy to future generations. The members grow a variety of beans, ranging from Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia, Geisha, and Typica. The distinct flavors of these beans blend well to produce an amazingly smooth cup of coffee.  Notes of caramel, chocolate, and cherry burst forth in your cup.

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VarietalBourbon, Colombia, Caturra, Typica
FarmVarious smallholder members of Café del Macizo
RegionPlanadas, Tolima
Altitude4900ft - 6600ft