El Salvador

Exquisite El Salvador coffee grown in the Santa Ana region by various smallholder producers. A delicious smooth cup with hints of chocolate, almond, and granola.

Medium Roast — $16.00
Dark Roast — $16.00


Our El Salvador coffee originates from smallholder producers. The coffee is a single variety of orange Bourbon bean grown on the mountain slopes in the Santa Ana region near the border of Guatemala. Highly renowned for its quality, the coffee grows in the shade and in rich volcanic soils. Higher elevations slow the bean development, leading to more nutrient density and sugar absorption that results in a more flavorful bean. Innovative farming and processing methods produce colorful and lively complex cup.

Order a bag or two of this stunningly delicious coffee today. We donate a part of our proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the San Marcos River Foundation. To find out more about the organizations we donate to, please visit our Giving page.

VarietalOrange Bourbon
FarmVarious smallholders
RegionSanta Ana
Altitude1200m - 1600m