Ethiopia Guji

Natural processed coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia. Balanced with sweetness and full mouthfeel, with notes of chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Medium Roast, 12 oz — $18.00


Our Ethiopia natural processed coffee from the Guji region is a real flavorful treat! Considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia has over 10,000 heirloom varieties of coffee growing wild in the forests. Coffee is thought to have its origins from the Sidamo region of southern Ethiopia. Coffee grows more slowly in the high elevations of the region, thus allowing more time to absorb the nutrients from the soil and develop more robust flavors. The cultural region of Guji was once included in the Sidamo region, but was recognized in 2015 as a separate political zone. One of the merits of the Guji region is the high-quality coffees grown in the area. The coffee grows under the shade of indigenous trees, with only the ripe red cherries harvested and processed. The dry climate is perfect for the sundried natural process of curing the beans by laying them out to dry on raised beds with the skin and fruity mucilage layer intact. This process produces a coffee with unique flavor characteristics of strawberries and deep dark chocolate! To learn more about coffee farming in Ethiopia, click here.

The Kayon Mountain farm consists of families born and raised in the area, having over 30 years of coffee experience. Under shadows of evergreens providing a multi-canopy structure, the farm’s perfect growing conditions of volcanic-rich soils and high altitude attribute to the quality of the coffee. Indigenous trees protect the shade-grown coffee as well as provide organic compost fertilizer for the plants. The farm offers free transportation services for its employees and pays higher wages than surrounding farms to ensure quality pickers who return year after year for the harvest. Financial support is also offered to the community for schools and administration buildings. Kayon Mountain farm focuses on high quality, gaining recognition and winning awards for their outstanding coffee.

Order a bag or two of our Ethiopia natural processed coffee from the Guji region today. From the sale of this coffee, we donate a portion of our proceeds to PALS Prevent a Litter. Find out more about who we donate to on our Giving page.

ProcessingSundried natural
FarmKayon Mountain
MunicipalityShakiso District of the Guji Zone